Begins here?

Well, hello. I’m a teenager who has taken up blogging. I thought this would be a nice way to express my thoughts and share with all you readers how I feel. So I really love to write. I’m a sportsperson, a dancer and somewhat an artist. I believe it’s never too late to be happy. All you readers might be wondering how can I, a child, express her feelings. This is just an effort and I’d be honoured to get some encouragement.

My inspiration to blog is my best friend.

I have been writing stuff for over two years now. And now I’m blogging. I read some of the blogs in the Fresh Presser. And people, they are amazing. I doubt I will be able to match your standards. But I can sure learn and grow by reading yours.

I hope I can be as inspirational as you guys are, and I hope you’ll encourage me to write more.

Well, my first blog,